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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Long time no posts

It seems that it took some months to get back to blogging. So many things have happened and changed and now I am in a new chapter in my life.

When I posted last time I was in Montreal, living with other people, spending most of the time in my own room and working at nights. I was always so tired and cats in the house did not help either as I was badly allergic.  Now I am living in small town in Quebec provenance and my life has got easier and stress level has reduced too. I am eating better and healthier as well.

I have not done coloring for months, the time has gone for trying to manage my life and then adjusting to country life and my new relationship. I have a chance to be productive now and there is always something to do around the house.  I am not working as a psychic anymore but own business website is opening yet.

t seems that I am learning something new almost every day since moved here, battling with spiders, canning the beets etc.  I have become also a planner girl, so I guess that is my new hobby a well. I have always loved stickers and pretty papers but always been a planner person more or less, so planners (Happy Planner, Mambi) are helping a little with this now. 

I bought my first planner early this year but I did not use it as much till now. This one is my third which is from July 2017 to December 2018 so I do not need to worry about buying more planners but I do need planner stickers, washi tapes and some other things that can use with it. And I certainly want to start making own covers and decorations, too.  I got laminator and bunches of laminator pouches from my Canadian planner pal so I want to get for good use, too.

I am still interested in art as watercolors and oil paintings. Never just had a chance to start doing them for reason for another but that time will come yet.

Since I am going to have own garden next summer, so I will post also pictures of my process as I never had own garden before.

Till next time!