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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Interactive Guidance and Reveals


I hope everyone has nice Thursday.  Here in Montreal we have had been +30C and now it is raining and so humid.. makes me wish for colder fall season. =)

Anyways... I decided to do Interactive guidance for you, please share and leave a comment below...or say just thanks so I know that people are actually reading this, sounds fair? Good!

Take a deep breathe few times and choose one of the card, comment below your choice.

Then Scroll down to see your card and the message,

If you picked the left Card * SUN*

This card brings  great joy to your lif. You can expect to be happier, more fun-loving and self-confident. The sun basically  shines on your life and personal growth speeds up immensely.  This card is also enhances creative thinking and you will be open up your feeling and communicate  better than in the past.  Time is right for taking  holidays, too so go and book the cruise, overseas trip or romantic getaway.  If you are single, it is very possible to find brand new  relationship that will be fulfilling and exactly what you are looking for.  Those who are in relationship already, relationship  could reignite the passion and rifts from the past could finally be forgiven.  Enormous growth to married couples seeing each others in a new light! If you are feeling or lonely to join local clubs, sport activities or even charitable functions because it is certain that  you will find like-minded people to form a firm friendship with.  You could find yourself in the spotlight with all these blissful energies. Kicking a goal on the work makes others proud. This is also good card if you are looking for a job.  Also ideal time to start a small business or learn new skills.

If you chose the Right Card * LOVERS

This ard represents major life choices. Decisions surrounding love relationships are of utmost importance and there will be two paths to take now or in near future. One will be very positive and the other will see life take a negative run. Be true to yourself and your feelings - it is crucial you make right choice. New adventures are waiting to begin and the better way of living will open up sooner than you think. This card represents strong sexual connections. Passionate encounters are red hot. Temptations and affairs are likely when there is a crack in the relationship. This may result in love triangle that causes lots of inner conflict and heartache. Many will question their relationships  that are not perfect as they would like causing much uncertainty in which path to take. Some of you might think if there are future in this relationship or feel that there would be someone else to meet. Others will make a love commitment. Perfect harmony is obtainable for most. For finances/career and personal life, there must be a balance. There might be 2 job offers coming and you will spend valuable time to meet new people and networking socially. Singles may find love at work functions and career changes. Balancing your personal life and career is key to be successful. It is not time to neglect your loved ones. Give them time too.

I hope this resonate with you.