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Friday, 2 September 2016

Then Came the Day

I have been so busy last 3 weeks, even weekends we had training so I have not really rested for awhile. My class took 3 weeks, 2 weekends in total..and tonight we had the big exam with 60 questions.

I had taken classes from Paragon, Toronto but Montreal Elite Security is the took longer but we got text book, baton and hand cuff training, and everything were explained so that it was easy to understand... in Toronto...I had hard to understand law related words...which made my exam by then almost fail. Not this time. Yesterday I talked with woman who worked in the government and she said she never met Finnish...I thought even less Finnish who wants to live in Canada and do this job. I think I made a friend from a guy who was sitting right beside me. So, I have made 2 contacts now.

My class was the best ever, we never had boring moment there and our instructor Eliaz was great.

Now when everything is done, well almost...I have to do paper works first to get my license and work permit very soon...I hope I can relax even little.  I want to continue my coloring books, but I am interested of drawing now too. I can tell that I have no drawing gifts.  =)

Now I am just exhausted from past weeks but it is nice feeling to relax and not to worry about coming exams anymore.

But I need to start thinking of buying clothes for job interview. Needs to look professional. =)

My next goals are to get a work permit and job itself..and own apartment.

A note: security guards uses batons only in Quebec provenance..