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Monday, 31 October 2016

About Last week


I have been busy lately but also been dealing with personal issues more or less, but now back to myself,

Last week I went to down town with my resumes, as I had found perfect job position for myself.
The thing is that I very very seldom go to downtown, if I go shopping, I have stayed at
St. Catherine´s which is rainbow area here in Montreal. Why? Because it is area that I know from last year, when I stayed at hostel for months. But this time I went further, I have GSP in my phone ,but i still walked rounds because I forgot to rotate damn map to right position.  But I did find the right places, which happened to be huge shopping Malls! Even there I was bit lost, but I was not only one. =) I am bit agitating for holiday season because they are not easy to me.  I connect it to family gatherings, spending time together, love..

This blog is still little under construction as I have been thinking where I am going to be with my postings, and I decided that I would focus on posting my crafts, coloring books and stuff and my life, and leaving psychic things out as I am trying to normalize my life as I need it.

So, from this moment I will be posting photos of my works, maybe be brave enough to do short videos too, updates..and when i get my own home, I will post about home decoration too.

I feel there are celebrations coming as I see my friends with me so... I can´t wait it!

Till next time..