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Friday, 14 October 2016

Hello everyone

I haven´t posted anything for while... I have been battled with my cough (cat allergies), started exercising, looking for jobs and sent lots of resumes for various places... and still working on 2 platforms and doing readings..

I have got 3 penpals now, 2 are from Finland, 2 from USA and one is from Japan and I have known her for years and met once in the past.

I have made also new friend who lives in Montreal downtown so, things looks good.
At nights I have done some coloring works to practice my skills as I have dream to publish my own adult´s coloring books in the future. I never have been Disney fan, but Manga and anime style hit me when I was still kid myself. Some memories from my childhood.  =) So, I need to learn to draw as well. I have been crafty over 14 years now, tried scrapbooking, rubberstamping but now I stick with jewelry making and coloring...  Can´t wait go get my own rental apartment so I can have own studio with my hobbies..Soon I have ran out of coloring pencils..that much I love to color!

These are my first works... they are not in order...

If you want name of books, let me know...and I will tell.

I wish a lovely weekend to yo all.