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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Can´t believe it is November already!

Hello everyone

Weather has cooled almost to 0C in Montreal and waiting now snow season to start. I am not really into snow for few reason but it is a nice change...brings some lights too.

Almost whole week I had a cold, but I got over with it pretty fast this time..last year at hostel I was sick all the time. Never recovered from cold because when I almost did, someone got sick and so did I..again. This past week´s theme has been for me friendships. Real friendships can´t be formed if there are no honesty and not able to listen or understand other person´s views. Some people takes my views as personal attacks when they are not, because I talk generally and trying to people understand why things were happening like it happened in their past.

I am found recently adult coloring book artist named Bennett Klein, joined his Facebook group and I have been drooling over beautiful coloring works that other people have done as I don´t have
Bennett´s books yet so I can only dream =)  One day...I will have all his books.

This is from book named The Colours of a Garden. Bought from Montreal´s Dollar Store/ Dollar Max.
I need to start considering using markers as colors are not showing up well.

If Nicholas is reading this, I have a message for you. Since I don´t have your email or any other contact ways as I removed my account from website, I got answer from my instructor at Elite: "if he's working as a security guard, then yes it is illegal. if he's working as a janitor, then no. Tasers are also prohibited weapons in Canada and he can face up to 6 months in jail and or $5000 dollars in fines for possessing one." But after we talked last time yesterday, I feel you have lied to me.