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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Coloring books and pencils

Hello everyone

Whole household has been sick lately, when one get sick, other follows..including me.
Been sneezing a lot for two days and had sore throat too. But it is getting better now.

I wanted to talk about coloring book qualities and oil based pencils.. as I had bought Marco Raffines few weeks ago and was so happy with them, colors blend nicely with each other. I love many pictures of these books, bought them from Dollar Store (Or Dollarama etc), here in Montreal and noticed that ink of paper will get smudged little with oil based pencils.  But since I am still practising with colors and techniques I thought these would be fine...most likely they are with hard core pencils as they are not oil based, so going back to Crayolas and Bruynzeel Sakuras which were my first coloring pencils. So I am looking forward to get quality books later on.  

I also got bunch of scrapbooking papers from my friend Caroline, so it seems that I would start making cards again, when I have my apartment . I used to make cards when I lived in Finland. I had rubber stamps too, but this time I would not buy any of them but buy digi stamps instead, to save space. Just need to print them out, just like coloring pages, so it would be perfect fit. 

These books I got from Dollarstores, each about 3 dollars each.

I hope everyone´s weekend has been good so far.