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Saturday, 17 December 2016

Crafty shopping

Hello everyone

I have been trying to prepare for big changes here.  Since my space is literary limited at the moment, so I am doing all my best to not buy everything what my mind desires. =) But I went to DollarMax for some supplies as I had no good gel pens and I got creative binge to decorate white envelopes, as I used to do that in my past... But I am getting Bennet Klein´s  and  Nadiya Vasilkova´s adult´s coloring books, so I really hope I would get them before holidays. They both inspires me a lot.
I need to go visit Michaels with my friend, because by buss it would take an hour in one direction.
I am fighting with myself whether is should buy a planner or not.

I have also big interest in brush lettering and I have remembering my handwriting in the past, noticed that I have had that in my handwriting more or less. So, I just need to practice more of that as well.
Also writing letters more has become more fun now and I have got more friends as well. 

I tried one of owls, not sure if these are good quality or it is my skills got rusty...

So now I just need those sketch books.

One thing I say about Instagram, I love it! I have found so many artistic, talented people is amazing!