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Thursday, 8 December 2016

My new artistic plans

Hello everyone, Janette here

I have been absent for many reasons, one is my allergies to cats that causes me sleeping problems, secondly I have been working on my past so that would not bother me anymore and then I got great plans for my future which feels great, but every one of them requires lots of practice and work. I want to become an artist and I will.

My coloring book hobby has turned into passion for art and I started to drawing as well..I  never thought I would be good at it but there is a saying: when there is a passion and drive, anything is possible. I have always loved colors, but hated kids coloring books and markers because nothing worked for me really. But I love challenges when it is about creativity and I asked my dear friend to send me his photo so I can practice...faces are difficult to me.. I am not posting his photo here for respecting his privacy, but I can say that photo is much nicer than my drawing.. =)

First I have problems to draw the face lines right, then comes skin tones and shadows. But I actually like my work as it is my first and much of efforts has put on it, Later on I can see and compare how much I have grown with my arts.

My journey as artist has just begun and it will be so much fun.