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Thursday, 2 February 2017

A late update

Hello everyone

I hope your New Year went well and everyone has been in good health.. I know that in USA has been bad flu season.

Just before Holidays I had got my security agent license, that I had been waiting for months.
I spend holidays alone,  New Year eve I was packing as I was about to travel to countryside on next day. I spent 2,5 weeks there. I did colour and drawing and I was so relaxed at once. I had to ask my friend who lives with me in Montreal to send my mail to me as I was expecting letters and coloring book to come... I absolutely adore Nadiya Vasilkova´s art work and coloring books, even follow her posts on Facebook and Instagram.

Coming back to Montreal was not easy, I just had enjoyed of quietness that you don`t have in big city.
I also had noticed that I was more creative and connected to myself there. My health was so much better as well, I could breath finally without problems.

I still need to answer to letters that has been waiting for. So if you are waiting for my letter, I apologize for being late. It has been hectic here...

While I was on countryside, my friend gave me his Wacom tablet, which has been used a lot since I got it. I desire to become as illustrator someday.

Next time, tomorrow I will be posting pictures of my works. =)
See you next time